Tariffs for 2019 for unit per night (Prices in SA Rand [R]).

All bookings include a R600 non-refundable admin fee, the  and a refundable R300 breakage fee.

Do note: Dates advertised does not guarantee availability & tariffs and contents of units are subject to change without notice


Units Out of Season# 14/1-19/3 | 1-9/4 | 14-23/4 | 28-30/4 | 4/5-11/6 | 7/7-6/8 | 110/8-17/9 | 29/9-30/11 Weekends^ 2020 20 December 2019 – 4 January 2020 6-12 January 2020 20-30 March 2020 Easter Weekend 10 -13 April 2020
B15 500 700 1700 900 950 1100
B17 500 700 1700 850 900 1100
B16 500 700 1650 900 950 1100
A15 450 650 1650 700 800 1000
A18 450 650 1600 700 800 1000
A23 450 1550 700 800 900
B5 380 550 1550 600 700 850
A10 380 550 1550 600 700 850
Unit Long weekend 24-27/4 |1-3/5 | 7-9/8 June – July 12/6-6/7 September 16-28/9 December 1-11/12 December 12-19/12 December 20/12-3/1
B15 850 850 850 600 1000 1600
B17 850 850 850 600 1000 1600
B16 850 850 850 600 1000 1600
A15 800 800 800 550 950 1500
A18 800 800 800 550 950 1600
A23 800 800 800 500 950 1500
B5 700 700 700 500 900 1500
A10 700 700 700 500 900 1500

# Out of season tariffs are based on four days or more.

^ Weekend rates are based on less than four days in out of season, irrespective if it is on a weekend or not. Price is based on per night per unit (pnpu).

+ Weekend tariffs available on request and are priced to reflect any out of season period that is less than 4 days, irrespective of the actual day of the week and are the same rate as the Long weekend rates.

For details about the unit, please visit the Photo Page.


General information:

  • These self-catering unit are all 3 bedrooms, with 1 en suite bathroom and 1 shower/WC.
  • All units with OVHD.
  • No telephones available inside units.
  • There are plenty of communal braai’s scattered in the grounds.
  • These units are situated in secure complexes with high walls and electronic gates.
  • These units are secured by electric fencing which is activated and monitored by a private security company 24 hours a day.
  • There is also parking for trailers available.
  • Cot available to rent at R50.00 per week.
  • Units B17, A15, A23, & B5 are non-smoking units
  • Units with air conditioners are B15, B16, including B17 (which has a pre-paid system)
  • We are in a malaria free area
  • Weekends tariffs include any dates out of season that are less than 4 day irrespective of the date of the week and are subject to availability.
  • There is a supermarket (Spar), doctors, pharmacies, liquor stores, petrol station, a post office, Laundromats and other shops in Uvongo. All of these amenities are about 150 meters away from the apartment.
  • Graded unit(s). Graded unit(s) have been graded by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, which indicates that these unit(s) adheres to an international standard.
  • Please also check if contents of the unit has not changed.





  • Check out this website. Then call +27(0) 39 315 5852 or +27(0) 83 347 9298. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to ask. We speak both English and Afrikaans.



  • 50% deposit is required on confirmation of booking
  • All December bookings are payable before 31 October
  • Please note that bookings will only be confirmed once proof of payment has been received


Terms and conditions in case of cancellation:

  • Deposits are only refundable on cancellations (minus cancellation fee of R150 and admin fee) 2 weeks after an alternative tenant(s) are found to fill the full period vacated.
  • The deposit will be used if the full period is not covered.
  • Sub-letting is prohibited unless arrangements where made.


Alterations of accommodation period:

  • Out of season: A minimum period of 30 days before the said booking period is required if you wish to reduce and/or delay and/or bring forward the period of your stay. Otherwise no credits will be given if you reduce or your holiday. In season, including long/weekends, the above does not apply. You are responsible for the period as booked by you.
  • In season, the above does not apply. You are responsible for the period as booked by you.


Check in and check out times:

  • Check in time: 2pm – 5pm (Please advise estimated time of arrival)
  • Check out time: 9am


Breakage and key deposit:


The breakage and key deposit is payable on arrival. If there is any damage after you leave the breakage deposit will be used to cover the damage. if, however, the damage is greater than the breakage deposit, then an account will be sent to you which needs to be paid within a set period.


Terms and conditions of special offers


The offer(s) is valid for the above mentioned period only. The minimum period for the specials are four days, if not otherwise indicated. Rental accommodation is subject to a first come, first served basis. A deposit of 50% of the total amount due is required to secure the booking. A confirmation letter will be faxed after a booking has been secured with a deposit. The offer(s) excludes a no-refundable admin fee of R550.00 and a refundable key and breakage deposit of R300.00 is payable on arrival that should be added to the booking. The balance as per specified receipt is payable before or on arrival. Only cash, personal guaranteed cheques or bank cheques are accepted. No credit or debit cards are accepted. If the balance is prepaid, please fax proof of deposit or bring proof of deposit with. No keys will be handed over if the balance is not fully paid. The unit can only be occupied between 14:00 till 17:00 (2pm – 5pm), and must be vacated not later than 9:00am of the above mentioned dates. Keys can only be collected after hours with prior arrangement and balance including key/breakage deposit is prepaid. Since the nature of the offer, if case the booking is cancelled for what so ever reason no refund will be made. In addition, no alterations of the dates can be made ones the booking have been made. The unit is limited to the maximum persons, irrespective of age, as prescribed on the Rate & detail page of this website and on the confirmation letter.  If the offer mentions the maximum persons, then that limitation will over ride the information mentioned on the Rates & detail page of this website. We will not be held liable for any misinterpretations of this offer.




The owner(s) of this website is / are not estate agent(s) / letting agent(s) as defined in the Estate Agency Affairs Act, Act 112 of 1976 (as amended) nor is / are the owner(s) of this website a travel agent.  The owner(s) of this website does not warrantee the accuracy of any listing thereon, which includes but is not limited to any photographic material, or the availability of any unit.  All units advertised and any information regarding such units are done so on this website by the individual owners who derive the sole gain from the letting of such units. In addition, the owner(s) of this website and/or the owner(s) of the units shall not be held responsible for any theft or injury, uncomforted because of power cuts, and/or acts of God sustained during your stay in any of these units.